Not Sleeping Well? Social Media might be the cause



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Since last spring, I have been suffered from sleeping disturbance. I wake up very early in the morning still feeling tired in my body and I unconsciously start to swipe my Facebook without seeing anything for about 15 minutes and was woken up again till my alarm goes off realizing I am still holding my mobile phone. This situation, I consider a bad habit, has already continued for more than a year and I just couldn’t get rid of it no matter how hard I try. Even though I leave the mobile phone away from bed, the same scenario happens, grabbing the phone after my eyes open, lying down on the bed and woke up with the phone in my hand.

While I am still struggling fighting the bad habit, there is a scientific research conducted by University of Pittsburg showing that daily social media using behavior might possibly be attributing to sleep patterns.

Participants in this study are 1,788 American adults ranging from age 19 to 32 and these people are the first-generation social media users. During the research, participants are asked to spend 61 minutes per day on popular social media platform per week and 30 percent of them had “high levels of sleep disturbance”. The researchers found that individuals who frequently uses social media were three times as likely to suffer from sleep disturbance. Researcher Dr. Jessica C. Levenson suggested, this result might indicate that frequent social media usage is a factor of sleep difficulty.

Senior author Dr. Brian A. Primack said that more research is necessary to know more about which contributes to which, but it is possible that social media and disturbances are affecting one another. Staying late at night to be active on social media might heighten emotional, cognitive and physiological states. When it is not easy to fall asleep, using social media might be a good way to kill time, which influence the sleep quality.

Even though I do not post frequently, I still check all the social media I am using several times, for a total of 2 hours a day. Also, the last thing I do before going to bed is checking Facebook. I might possible be a heavy social media user and hence fall into the victim of sleep disturbance. Although this single research can hardly draw an explicit and clear conclusion between the using behavior of social media and sleep. Yet, it is still interesting to know the possibility that social media affect our life to a large extent.


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1 Response to Not Sleeping Well? Social Media might be the cause

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Tina, and an eye-opener (no pun intended) as to what some of the consequences can be of over-use and reliance on social media and FOMO syndrome (fear of missing out). Well done.

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