Hey Casey, give up Beme and focus on videos!

casey-neistatCasey Neistat is one of the most viewed people on social media and I must admit I like his videos. Just this weekend Casey released another classic. It is a video showing him snowboarding through the streets of New York.  Currently,  there are over 11M views on YouTube and 30M on Facebook.

I first started watching Casey’s videos in early 2015 when my girlfriend introduced me to Snapchat and his daily snaps. Casey would post every day and he built up a much deserved following. His content was some of the most original stuff out there. It wasn’t long before he expanded by starting a VLOG on YouTube.

I specifically remember one specific VLOG where he called out other folks for ripping off content (starts around second 40).

Then, in July of 2105 Casey announced his team was working on a new project and would soon be releasing a new app called Beme. The only way to get the app was by having a special code. You needed to be an insider or know a friend of a friend to get a code.

I was lucky. I got a code and immediately started using Beme.  Unfortunately, It was a bust! Beme was almost identical to Snapchat but it did not work nearly as well.  Around the same time, I noticed that Casey stopped producing snaps.

After all the commentary from Casey around having integrity and being original, could it be that Casey ripped off Snapchat and produced an app that was almost identical in feature/functionality? Was I the only one thinking this way? Even with Casey’s millions of followers, could it compete with Snapchat? I agree with the article that stated, “The first reason that Beme is not going to compete with Snapchat is it is a complete replication of Snapchat”   In other words, Beme is a rip-off of Snapchat. Many agreed.

Time has passed and you really do not hear much about Beme anymore. Casey doesn’t mention it much and he even started producing snaps again. Notice 2 snaps this past week in his Snapchat VLOG.  Did Casey finally come to realize that Beme is a mistake and that he should stick to producing content? Hopefully, for all of our sake, the answer is yes.

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2 Responses to Hey Casey, give up Beme and focus on videos!

  1. bmurtha says:

    This was an awesome article and now I cannot stop watching his videos! It is interesting that he talks about rip offs and then he tries to create Beme. I agree with you as many others will too in regards to it being a copycat of Snap Chat. He should maybe use the app as more of movie storage. It could be a place where all of his movies are housed and people can watch them. Who knows what he will do, but I can see a bright future for him!

  2. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Marty. I did not know who Casey was and had not watched his videos until your post. Couple of responses that made me think they were so cool, and granted, I’m not a millennial or even a Gen Xer. First, to me, the resemblance to Shaun Penn. Shaun Penn is both talented and often times off the grid like when he interviewed El Chapo to start the conversation “about drug policy.” Excuse me? Casey has that “i’m my own man and I don’t care what you think.” Second, snowboarding like a water skier. Way cool. Third, dating hot models. What’s not to like? As to his statements about ripping off original ideas, go for it, Casey. And good luck. My take? Sean Penn on a skateboard with the slogan, “Casey lets the good times roll.” When I was a kid growing up on Long Island and we got 12-in snows, we used to hang around stop signs and then when the driver started pulling away, we jumped on his back bumper and rode as long as we could. We called it hitching. But no girls stood by screaming their approval. Just a bunch a early teen boys having the time of their lives. Well done, Marty.

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