TASTY is Buzzzzzzing


Courtesy of Tasty/Facebook

FOOD! Who doesn’t love food? TASTY food especially..We all need to eat right?

One thing a lot of people struggle with is cooking.

Buzz feed is a social news and entertainment company that is taking online advertising to another level. Buzz feed actually started generating quick videos of food creations on Facebook. I am huge fan of cooking and it is something I absolutely love, so when I stumbled upon this I found it very fascinating how attracted people were to it. The shares and visibility these clips receive are incredible. Below is a video of the top 10 Tasty recipes. Note, these videos are much shorter, but this is 10 compiled into one long clip. This will give you an idea of how cool and convenient these videos are!

I wanted to know why these little clips were so intriguing to users so I started following them more and more. I found that you don’t even need sound (although there is sound) to view these videos because they flash in the words that make this even more simple to understand. There are many spin offs from Tasty, but Tasty still seems to be the top performer. It makes cooking really simple.

The reason this is most interesting to me is because I am in the nutrition and fitness world and I am always researching the best way to attract viewers to your page all while helping them with either fitness or nutrition. One thing about Tasty is that most of their meals are comfort foods rather than health foods. I wonder if their next step will be health foods? Once I started thinking about that, I found the spin offs of these companies and there are some people creating videos like Tasty that are more health oriented. I started sharing those videos to my fitness page and just like Tasty, I found that these videos started attracting more users to my page.

What is about these short clips that people love so much? Is there a way to utilize these videos to make money? Keep it simple and make it pretty. That is what Tasty did and I think they have something that is growing tremendously. The future of video is booming especially when it is simple.

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One Response to TASTY is Buzzzzzzing

  1. sydhavely says:

    Absolutely great post, Brittany. You have a folksy style befitting the subject and the photo and clip underscored your points about Tasty. Plus, you raise points about its effectiveness and how portable the short clips might be, not to mention it making me hungry. Well done.

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