Living Socially or Living Through Social?


Woody from Toy Story courtesy of Disney

I was recently on a trip to Disney World and couldn’t help but notice the number of people with their phones out. Constantly snapping and posting pictures on every social channel. You only need to look at the geo-tag posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see the high level of activity. Which begs the question, with all of these posts, how much are people actually experiencing?

An article on shared some astonishing facts about phone usage during meals and the impact on the dining experience. On average, guests spend an astounding 3-5 minutes taking and posting pictures of each course of their meal on social channels! I noticed the same type of experience neglect was happening during vacations. I am just as guilty. But what would if that wasn’t the norm? How would our daily experiences and activities change? I was up for the challenge.

On day 2 of my trip I put my phone on silent and vowed to not live through the lens of my iPhone. I will admit, it gave me some anxiety and I expected my day to be boring. What would I do without my phone? Answer: Live! I had a great time experiencing all of the rides, shows, and meals that Disney had to offer without the worry of the best photo spot or filter!

When I compare these 2 different days spent on vacation I was amazed at how much I remembered and enjoyed from my cellphone free day versus the day I took 50+ pictures and posted regularly! I enjoyed the company I was with, remembered the different attractions, and was even able to eat a meal while it was still hot! It was great. Now, will I forever be changed and continue to live SoMe free? Probably not. However, I will start to be much more aware of the time I spend experiencing my life instead of just creating the perfect post about it. So I ask you, are you living socially or living through social? I would challenge you to do the latter, will you create more real memories instead of just memorable posts? I know I will!

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One Response to Living Socially or Living Through Social?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Liz. So true. Here’s one I like as well–Louis CK on parents going to their kids’ school plays with cell phones:

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