Tweet more than 140 characters?


Inspired by a blog of our classmate, I decided to write a blog about Twitter. As Brittany mentioned, Twitter is changing the length of a post from 140 characters to a fairly long length. As a duplication of Twitter, Chinese Twitter — Microblog is also planning to extend the word limited of a post from 140 to 2000 characters. From my perspective, the result of this action remains unclear and questionable.

Nowadays Twitter/Microblog is becoming a necessity of a larger number of people. People depend on it to get information instead of watching news and other traditional media. Why Twitter is developing so prosperously, reason is, from my perspective, Twitter has correctly targeted itself to a segmented market — for people who prefer to read effectively and get to know things faster than traditional media. Twitter’s function perfectly meets the needs of the segmented market.

I personally think, the word limit is of great value from the perspective of product design. Firstly, 140 words are enough to express a relatively complicated story concisely. It also helps reduce cognitive efforts and open the platform to more people of different knowledge level.

Additionally, the word limit is also corresponding to the trend of getting information “on the move”. With the relatively short length of a post, people are able to view the most important part of a long story quickly on mobile devices.

Compare to other information channels like blog, and traditional news media, Twitter’s most featured functionalities, like transferring information timely and concisely, are built based on the core idea of “word limit”. Therefore, if this basic rule changed, the core feature of Twitter is weakened. It will also face the competition from similar social media like blog.

For the growing needs of having more room to say things, I agree with Geoff Irwin’s comment. Again, 140 words are enough to explain things clearly. For details, news website will tell you more. The beauty of 140 characters is leaving spaces for you to want more.

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One Response to Tweet more than 140 characters?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Interesting post, Ria. Twitter is trying to re-invent itself and the longer character count is one way. BTW, why did you refer to Geoff Irwin and how is he relevant to your post?

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