The prospect of Disney World in Shanghai, China

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Shanghai Disney Resort will be officially opened in June, 2016 after a decade of planning and 5 years of construction. All the Chinese people are really excited about this program and many of the parents in China are looking forward to taking their children to experience this magic kingdom.

Disney wants to build magic in China and earn large profits in this populous country. It seems to be not difficult since the number of consumers in China is really tremendous and the Chinese people are extremely curious about such an entertainment theme park. However, the prospect of Shanghai Disney Resort is still a question mark for the public.

After reading this news and also combining with my own concerns, I think we have to consider the following problems when defining the prospect of this Disney Resort.

Firstly, as the article pointed out, the opening comes amid a slowdown in China’s economic growth, which will potentially threaten the confidence of the consumers.

Secondly, the cost of the construction and preparation was really a huge number, how to cover all the costs, make profits and keep sustainability is a very big task for both the Walt Disney company and all the other partners and investors.

Thirdly, significant competition is also on the horizon. Other kinds of theme parks and entertainment parks are planning to build in somewhere in China, which must detract consumers if they were built.

Last, in my opinion, Disney Resort is a very typical American-style entertainment, Shanghai Disney has to find a way to be more adaptable for Chinese people’s leisure style.  The national condition of China is very different from America. How to keep the customer flows but not to make customers feel so crowded and how to attract customers to the park and also make them consume in the shops, restaurants and hotels are all the problems we have to face and solve.


Disney Hopes for Magic in the Middle Kingdom

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