To Infinity & Beyond “140” #TinkeringWithTwitter

twitterThe 140 character limit for Twitter has been around since Twitter was created. Rumor has it that the CEO, Jack Dorsey of Twitter is considering changing the limit to 10000 characters, allowing for more information to be distributed per tweet. Is this a good thing? Does this take away from what makes Twitter so exclusive? Are they going to become the next Facebook status?

Dorsey is looking for a way to revamp Twitter and he thinks giving the end user more space to express themselves might just be the way to do it.

It is noted that the team at Twitter has spent a lot of time doing research to see what is being posted. They found that there are a lot of pictures of texts because people don’t have enough room to say things. They will keep the same 140 characters visible, but there will be an expansion option that will then open up the the tweet to the full 10000 characters. This “might” be designed this way to still give the user the same look and feel. Twitter is trying to create something new and creative all while keeping Twitters visual presence the same.

Change is how companies grow, but is this the right change for Twitter? Will it takeaway from its unique short character “tweets?” I personally find the short tweets helpful and when I need immediate updates, I know Twitter is the go to source. I do think; however that with the expansion piece added keeping most characters hidden, that this might be a huge game changer for Twitter.

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2 Responses to To Infinity & Beyond “140” #TinkeringWithTwitter

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Brittany. Here’s why. You focused on a major social platform, you recapped what was going on with them, you framed the issue in terms or where Twitter has fallen short and what it’s trying to do resolve those issues, and what that’s important. Well done.

  2. Geoff Irwin says:

    This is a really interesting point. What I was noticing as I was getting ready to write my blog is that many of the posts led me to either click to find more information (ex. an article from CNN) or to look up information. Maybe the benefit of 140 characters is that it’s just enough to leave you wanting more?

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