The NHL All-Star Goon (yes Goon!)

502301222Despite only lacing up his skates 11 times this NHL season and recently being demoted to the minor leagues, forward John Scott, a player know for his fighting and not for his goal scoring, has been voted the captain of the Pacific Division All-Star team.  Were they really fans that voted John Scott an all-star?  Or was it an internet prank?  You be the judge.  All-Star or Prank?

I personally feel the NHL fans did vote for John Scott.  Not for his brilliant play, but to make a statement.  The all-star game is meaningless and the three on three mini-game format is as dumb as the failed North America vs the World format from a few years ago.   Congrats to the fans for making the year’s voting a joke.

Perhaps next year the NHL will open the voting up to non-NHL members and I will get a chance to play.  If not me, then how about one of my alumni high school hockey mates?  I’m sure we could help the NHL get some ratings like John Scott will most certainly do this year.  Good for the NHL920485_10201159204161870_1642971212_o

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One Response to The NHL All-Star Goon (yes Goon!)

  1. sydhavely says:

    Truly bizarre. Thanks for posting, Marty.

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