Teens at Their Social Media Best


Too often teenagers are criticized for their negative use of social media and I am often one of the first to jump on the bandwagon. Yet, the tragic death of a freshman footabll player unexpectedly at practice over the past weekend has instead brought out the best in our teens.

Last Saturday, Ryan Gillyard, a promising young footaball player at Saint Joseph’s Prep tragically died at a spring conditioing practice, just 20 minutes into the workout. Read about this tragic loss here. The young athlete had no apparent prior history of heart disease or other complications.  Doctors and trainers are all perlexed by the tragedy and are now awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine the cause.

Ryan’s classmates and schoolmates immediately took to Twitter and Instagram to respectfully share the sad news.

Once the news was shared,  other teens began posting tributes and #RIPRyan messages.

Even students from rival schools paid tribute to his contributions.

Finally, seeing the interaction on Twitter between his school and the students is also very gratifying and is a great way for the entire school commnity to be supporting each other.

 While none of this can bring this young athlete back to life,  the support offered by social media to a grieving community especially teens is extremely gratifying for the worls to see.
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2 Responses to Teens at Their Social Media Best

  1. sydhavely says:

    Social media seems ideally suited to social action and awareness as your sad story of this young man illustrates. Poignant post.

  2. Jay Devine says:

    Tragedy often brings out the best in people. It is too bad that it takes something like this for us to see our best side.

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