The Tinderisation of Everyday life


“The development of online shopping and social media over the past decade, in some sense, has always been leading towards what might be called “Tinderisation” and it is somewhat worrying.”

Tinderisation is being referred to as the overwhelming combination of convenience and choice. For instance, online shopping, the article uses the example of Amazon where there is the option of one click purchase, and delivery. Amazon has become the premium shop for books, groceries, electronics, and clothing. All of which can be purchased from a cell phone app from any location with internet access.

Which leads into having constant access to just about anything, people included. People can be reached constantly by calls, text messages, e-mails, and Face-Times. These interactions become less personal when the messages stop abruptly. In a real life conversation with a fellow human being, it is deemed as inappropriate to turn around and walk away as soon as you are done listening to the other person. The conversation, because of social constructions, should come to a timely end with a farewell. While messaging, one can simply walk away from their computer or mobile device because something else distracted them. Bringing those on the receiving end to a level of social fatigue.

In short, people want a simplistic interaction with underlying tones of deep engagement. You want to shop online because driving to the store is a hassle, BUT you want to know how the clothes are going to fit, which can’t be done without trying them on. You want to have a deep connection with another person, but instead of going out and meeting them the old-fashioned way with a handshake, you want to swipe their picture a certain direction depending on the superficiality of how well they look in summer beachwear, in hopes that that’s the first step to a white picket fence lifestyle.

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1 Response to The Tinderisation of Everyday life

  1. sydhavely says:

    Be interesting to see how Tinder does on the social scene and the mating game. We know how online shopping is going. Well done and well written, as usual, Samantha.

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