Hashtags don’t track Sh#t

Last week when Instagram suggested which users and  postings I would like based on the people I follow, my feed was inundated with pictures of the runway called Coachella. So as I began to research what I was interested in writing about this week I came across an app called Pixifly.

Pixifly lets you see the bigger picture. Discover what’s happening near you right now or have fun searching photos from your favorite locations and distant destinations around the world.

It’s a geotracking app that allows you to search by a location. You can see what’s currently being posted or from any time period before. If you possess the app it reduces hashtags to an archaic way of viewing postings from an event. I read about pixifly in this article which posed a broader question about music festivals.

Is Coachella indicative of what social media has turned music festivals into?


Sadly, based on what I have seen the last few years the answer to this question is kind of. Phones are attached to everyone in attendants hands which takes the present out of any event. No long are we paying attention and living the moment, we have been reduced to sharing to remember the good times we are living. The concert promoters and sponsors want it that way and as we know money has more influence than commonsense.

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1 Response to Hashtags don’t track Sh#t

  1. sydhavely says:

    Reminds me of the clip Samantha showed of Louis CK’s routine about parents camera phoning their kids’ school play. Nice post. P.S. The Coachella girl definitely has a 60’s look that made me nostalgic.

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