Clear: A Social Media Scrubber


In light of Abhay’s post this week as well as an early post of mine, I thought I would highlight the new app Clear I came across earlier today.  Basically, the app will help you to scrub your social media profiles of any offensive content, that could potentially raise flags should you one day become famous or get hired for a high-profile job.

Right now, the app is still in beta and is just available on iOS.  However, the good people over at TechCrunch gave it a try.  After analyzing your profile, Clear comes back with a stream of potentially questionable posts.  The app aims to not only catch curse words but also scan “for warnings signs like references to racial groups or sexual orientation, it analyzes the general sentiment.”


The article does a good job of raising the question that while the app is still in the early stages, should be be okay with idea of scrubbing old tweets and posts just because someone might view them as offensive in the future?  That is, if you don’t want people to know you are saying not so nice things on social media, then just don’t say those things in the first place.  The creator of the app, Ethan Czahor, argues that context is everything.  He gives an example of some things he might have tweeted when he was previously working on comedy material, if read in the present day wouldn’t make him look so great.  I think that while context is certainly important, everyone should know by now that these concepts like context and intent are easily lost in translation.

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One Response to Clear: A Social Media Scrubber

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, K’Shelle and totally relevant to the social media footprints we leave and either don’t mean to last or shouldn’t have posted in the first place. Well done.

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