Social Media and Politics


The article below discusses how important social media will be in the run for the presidency this time around.  While Obama used social media and was considered cutting edge just as John F. Kennedy was for utilizing television during the 1960s, it is now considered the norm.

The video below discusses the pluses and negatives of utilizing social media.  Hilary Clinton with her email scandal and Rubio with his meme while reaching for the bottle of water.  Rubio is praised for his use of social media though because he immediately went out and poked fun at himself.!/news/local/Technology-and-Politics:-Why-Social-Media-is-Important-

It also discusses how the candidates may utilize big data and the fact that social media is relatively cheap to use when running a campaign.  The other, older avenues will still be utilized, but social media has moved up to the forefront of the campaign trail as a must do for those seeking presidential status.

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One Response to Social Media and Politics

  1. sydhavely says:

    For some reason, Hillary is garnering a lot of posts this week, mine included. She’s intriguing for lots of reasons and will be interesting to see how she uses social media to make the electoral connections she needs. I’m still trying to get my head around who she is really. Not her “authentic” self, just who she is when she’s not on a stage. Why aren’t we allowed to see that person I keep asking myself.

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