#CatchDrogon – What makes a good hashtag campaign?


[spoilers?] Last night, as I sat down to prepare myself for the Season 5 Premiere, I decided that I would not be second screening it.  That is, I was only going to focus on the show, no Twitter, Facebook, or live chat rooms.  But, since I had some time to kill before the show started, I decided to open up Twitter and see what people were talking about.


In addition to finding out the first few episodes have already been leaked, I stubbled upon the  #CatchDrogon hastag created by the 360i  and Game of Thrones Twitter account.  The idea behind it was to tweet bait that would lure the attention of the Game of Thrones social media accounts.  The fans lucky lucky enough to catch him were treated to special content or real prizes.  Just by looking at the hundreds of retweets the Game of Thrones account was able to get signaled to me that the campaign was a success.  But, as we are putting the final touches on our own social media campaigns, I thought it would be a good time to reiterate what makes a successful hashtag campaign.

This article from Steamfeed perfectly lays out the key characteristics:

  1. Size Does Matter: hastags are at their best when they are short and easy to remember
  2. Keep it Relevant: hastags should relate to the topic
  3. Plan for the Best: what goals and objectives will the campaign meet?
  4. Monitor and Engage: make sure you have a team following and engaging in the conversation
  5. Prepare for the Worst: once it is out there, it is no longer yours.  Have a plan in place in the event the conversation takes a turn for the worst.

Of all these tips, I think the last two are the most important.  It was really interesting to see how the brand was actively engaged with the audience right on up to the episode airing.  Although, #CatchDrogon was pretty innocuous, it is very important to be prepared in the event the hashtag fails  miserably.

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One Response to #CatchDrogon – What makes a good hashtag campaign?

  1. sydhavely says:

    You’ve nailed the social media formula, K’Shelle, and what it’s best at: marketing, sales, promotion, and raising social awareness. Apt post and well-written.

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