My DYNM 558 Top 10

As we wrap up the semester and reflect on all of the concepts we’ve discussed in DYNM 558, I opted to pull together my favorite ideas from the course in the best way social media knows how: a top-ten list. Here are my biggest takeaways from our class…

1. Images are king.

2. And video is the emerging powerhouse of our digital space.


3. Big data can lead to big ideas. It’s seemingly limitless… and a little scary.

big data

4. Social media is blurring the lines. The lines of journalism, of public self vs. private self, and of our values as a society.


5. The Dunbar number.

6. Engagement is about content + conversation + community. At the heart of social media is our need for human connection.

7. And social media + technology have fundamentally changed how we connect with other humans.

8. People love stories. And this NPR infographic says it all.

9. Values drive our behavior. What is important to us drives technological innovation.

10. The most valuable voices on social media are authentic. And authenticity is at the core of brand engagement.


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2 Responses to My DYNM 558 Top 10

  1. sydhavely says:

    I love your post, Colleen. I think you mean DYNM 558, but nevertheless, it’s a great Top 10. I think I heard the word “authentic” ten times alone last night with the news of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s announcement.

  2. Oops… 558 indeed! Gotta love the WordPress update function… Thanks!

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