#BeTheMatch & Participant Media Engagement

Be The Match Logo

Piggybacking on a previous post regarding Make-a-wish’s charity organization, I would like to make a post a little more geographically personal, and focus on an event coming up here in Philly this coming weekend. Be The Match is hosting a walk/run this Saturday. For those of you that do not know what the organization Be the Match is/ does: Be The Match is a national Marrow Donor Program founded in Minnesota, but now operates in locations throughout the United States.  If you have ever had or heard of someone in need of a marrow transplant, their transplant was more than likely found on the Be The Match Registry.

How does this relate to Social Media? Well, Like most organizations that host a drive or fundraising event, Be The Match has gone a little further in assisting its participants with their #hashtags, Facebook posts, and even profile pictures.

Be The Match Social MediaThe suggested Facebook posts mostly use positive and interactive words/ phrases such as “I’m excited”, “I’m working hard”, “Support me as I strive to raise $X”, and “Donate today to help me reach my goal”.  This makes the posts personal to the participant, but also personal to the readers. Why wouldn’t you (as someones friend) want to assist in a personal goal of another?

If you are interested in the event, or possibly testing out the suggested “Spread The Word” methods, see the information below:

Be The Match Directions

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One Response to #BeTheMatch & Participant Media Engagement

  1. sydhavely says:

    Important event and timely post illustrating how good causes and social media can have synergistic effect. Thanks, Samantha.

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