Entering Your Brain Waves

It’s worth the 6 minutes of your life, I promise. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Is subliminal messaging really this simple? For those of you skipping the video – let me lay it out for you.

In the video English illusionist Derren Brown dupes some high level marketing executives with a well placed series of events. Asked to create a marketing campaign for an unknown topic (in this case, a slightly hilarious taxidermy business), his trick is to “predict” what these two industry leaders will come up with in 30 minutes for an advertising campaign. Long story short, he succeeds. How? By planting images for them to observe on their drive to the experiment.

The moral of the illusion is that advertisers are great at planting these symbols EVERYWHERE in our daily lives. I’ll bet you do better at naming inverted logos than inverted country flags. Without taking the quizzes, look how quickly we can tell what is wrong with the following image.

What is the true Brand?

What is the true brand?

So can we take some of these tips when crafting our narratives for our own social media stories? Planting consistent color patterns, images, even #ConsistentHashtags and tone are all important in creating a lasting allegiance with our audience. We have known this instinctively for years regarding our favorite columnists to read ever Sunday, but now these principles are in full force in the world of Podcasts, Instagram and 6-Second Vine artists like Trench.

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One Response to Entering Your Brain Waves

  1. sydhavely says:

    Wow. Way cool. “Hidden Persuaders” lives. Great post, Seth.

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