Is Social Media Changing Social Norms?

family In his comedy special, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco portrays how different our society is today when it comes to stopping by someone’s home for a visit.  It made me ponder if it had to do with the impact of social media on our society and the advent of cell phones, Facebook, and texting.

As a social norm 25 to 30 years ago, people used to just drop by for a visit to your home.  This was especially true on a Sunday afternoon after church in my family.  This was always a joyous occasion as company would fill the house and families would catch up on events and just enjoy each others companionship for an afternoon.  If the phone rang, you ignored it, it was considered rude to pick up the phone when you had guests.

In today’s society if someone knocks on our door we are immediately suspicious.  I look at my husband and say “Who could that be?”  My son will text me when he gets within 5 minutes of the house, my sister usually calls from her cell phone to say we will be there in a couple of minutes.  My husband’s family and our friends are much the same and will contact us from the driveway to tell us they have arrived.  We are so connected that to just pop by someone’s home is no longer a social norm but an intrusion.

Sebastian’s comedic take on it says it all.  Check it out.


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One Response to Is Social Media Changing Social Norms?

  1. sydhavely says:

    You’re right, Margaret, Sebastian says it all, and with humor we can all laugh at, like the door-bell ringer is a terrorist. Great post.

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