Small Town Country Boy, To Big City Model

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Matthew Noszka of Pittsburgh, PA has social media to thank for his recent fame (and hopefully soon to be fortune.) ABC News recently featured the story: From Construction to High Fashion: How Instagram Helped This Male Model Get Discovered which introduced (for the second time) the world to Matthew Noszka, a new high fashion model . Matthew was from a small town in Pittsburgh from a blue collar family. He worked construction with his dad and played college basketball close to his home town. Today, Matthew is the new face of many high end fashion brands such as Astrid and Anderson, Tom Ford and Moncler.

Matthew has Instagram (in addition to the genes his parents blessed him with) to thank. As we know, we live in the world of “selfies.” Matthew was your typical 20 something year old. He had an instagram account, he posted selfies along with shirtless photos and videos of his athletic basketball skills. He was soon picked up by Wihelmina.

“The fashion world is constantly mining social media, hoping to discover the next fresh face.”

“I think specifically with Instagram it allows you to have instant and direct access to see somebody’s personality, so it really makes the casting process for people within the industry and agents like myself so much more seamless and easy,” Wihelmina agent, Simone said.

Matthew was the total package – portrayed the all American male – tall, blonde, worked in trade and most of all showed personality (or as much as you can) through his account.

“Without a shadow of a doubt there is absolutely no doubt that models are being discovered on social media and that trend is going to continue,” said famed photographer and author Nigel Barker, who is also a former judge on “America’s Next Top Model.”

Matthew considers himself lucky for getting discovered. It has given him a once in a life time opportunity that he never dreamed of.

It also shows you just how “searchable” we all are on social media. Some may want to to be found and for their information to be this public, but others may not. It is important to be aware of the search engine capabilities. It could result in opportunity, as it did for Mathew Noszka, but it could also result in disaster. Be careful what you post!

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One Response to Small Town Country Boy, To Big City Model

  1. sydhavely says:

    I always wonder what happens to these social media “finds.” Hopefully, Matt will turn out fine and his “luck” at being discovered will result in a career and opportunities he might not otherwise have found. Now, how can we find smart, achieving youngsters in rural schools who come from poor families and get them scholarships from great colleges? Does social media have a role?

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