Michigan State’s Sweet #PrincessLacey

princess lacey

It’s always astonishing to see Social Media campaigns that are able to touch your heart with a few quick reads or a glance at a #hashtag. Whether they are from prominent charities or sports teams, there is always a reason some of them stick with us. For instance, Make a Wish was able to gather an entire community in the San Francisco Bay area in order to watch ‘Batkid’ halt a fake bank robbery. This campaign for Make a Wish became so prominent President Obama felt the need to make a Vine thanking ‘Batkid’ for his crime solving skills.

“Make-a-Wish leveraged their existing volunteer and donor community in San Francisco to attend the event who ended up taking pictures and videos that went viral online,” says Taylor Corrado, Head of Nonprofit Marketing at HubSpot. “Every kid’s dream is to be a superhero for a day. The fact that Make-A-Wish was able to execute this plan was unique. It had never been done before on this scale. The cooperation between the city and the organization as well as the public support really made this a truly outstanding campaign.”

How is it that I am going to go from talking about something like Make-A-Wish to the Michigan State Spartans? Then, continue to say there was a Social Media campaign that was able to touch the hearts of the Spartan and NCAA community, like ‘Batkid’ touched the hearts of the San Francisco Bay area? It’s simple. #PrincessLacey. Last year, Adreian Payne befriended his ‘little big fan’ Lacey Holsworth who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. It wasn’t long before the Spartan community became to know and love Lacey, and wanted nothing more than for the Spartans to make 2014 tournament count just for her. Sadly, the Spartan community lost Lacy to her disease, but her spirit and love lives on to this years’ tournament. This year, the East Lansing area continues to support Lacey:

princess lacey 2

It all boils back to what we have discussed is one of the most important keys in Social Media. Community. Without understanding your community, who’s reading, who’s posting, and who’s reacting campaigns wouldn’t thrive, and campaigns wouldn’t exist at all.

To read/watch more on #princesslacey click here.

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One Response to Michigan State’s Sweet #PrincessLacey

  1. sydhavely says:

    Nice post about a heartwarming social media-based campaign that touched people in an emotional, compelling way. Well-written, concise, and on point.

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