March Madness More Social Than Ever


For most sports fans, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Similar to the sporting events we’ve mentioned up to this point in class, March Madness has experienced an incredible amount of coverage on social media, and the different avenues being used and monitored have been really interesting up to this point. One of the articles that I came across examined the teams that have been mentioned the most on social media . I would not say that there were too many surprises here, as Kentucky dominated mentions through the first weekend, with the other top seeds close behind. I did note that Virginia and Villanova were included on the list despite losing, so for a temporary period, losing a game to a lower seed will result in an increased amount of mentions – a silver lining!

In addition, March Madness also has a user friendly app, March Madness Live, that allows you to watch previews, live games, and recaps of all games that were played. In addition, it examines the volume of twitter interaction pertaining to the game (see below). It’s interesting to follow the activity during close games, and also games that involve the more popular teams in the tournament like Kentucky, Duke, etc.

Tweet ScreenshotThe Madness continues this weekend with sweet 16 and elite 8 matchups. I look forward to continuing monitoring the action on social media, as it is gaining a ton of traction.

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2 Responses to March Madness More Social Than Ever

  1. sydhavely says:

    Thanks, Jon. What do you think the effect of social media is having on March Madness in addition to the highlight clips and team mentions you believe are enhancing the tournament?

  2. Syd,

    I believe that it significantly enhances the fan experience. Each basketball program involved has really ramped up their social media updates as well, featuring behind the scenes looks at the team’s experiences on the road, unique camera angles of memorable moments from games, etc. Also, being that there are numerous games on at a time, it allows to you follow the games closer than ever before, as you can watch games on the go, check in for updates on Twitter, or follow trends throughout the games. It’s been really exciting to follow the tournament through social media up to this point.

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