Instagram finally adds collage capability


Instagram just released Layout, a new app that will allow users to create collages from multiple pictures.  According to Instagram, at least 60 million people use other apps such as PicStich, Moldiv, or Diptic to create their collages.  So, for Instagram to roll out its own collage app makes perfect sense since it will users engaged with Instagram features and services for longer periods of time. It also lowers the odds of Instagram users checking out photo apps from competitors.”

As a stand alone app, users will create their collages and then choose which platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc) to push it to.  Layout is really just following the trend of  creating multiple integrated stand alone apps as Facebook has done with its messenger app.  While I would prefer to keep everything within one app, Joshua Dickens, product designer at Instagram, claims that to include such features in its main app would “probably make it more complicated.”  Only time will tell if users agree with him.

app annie

(image from AppAnnie)

When Instagram unveiled Hyperlapse, an app that allows users to create time lapse videos, its download numbers were strong.  But now, downloads have fallen considerably and the app ranks #1355 overall and #126 for photo and video.  Does this really matter? Probably not.  I think the only way to truly determine if Instagram views the app as successful is by how long it stays available in the App Store.

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One Response to Instagram finally adds collage capability

  1. sydhavely says:

    Instagram is experimenting just like everyone else. Your post picks up on how progress is uneven and how time is often the true test of viability. Well chosen post.

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