Acura’s Social Strategy: March Memeness

Instead of simply purchasing video and banner ads, Acura is hoping to deliver a social media slum dunk by blitzing with pun-minded memes – a campaign they’re calling “March Memeness” which pushes the Acura 2016 ILX.

They created 103 memes, which are a mix of 15-second videos and GIFS that feature headlines using double entendres for basketball plays, faux pas and victories. They hope that these comical memes will generate organic buzz around the digital ad content.

In addition to the memes, they’ve also created “player cards” for its vehicles. They’ll also be testing out some real-time marketing efforts.

My two cents: I like the meme idea, but I’m less than impressed with the playing cards. I think the campaign is missing out on the opportunity to tap into a pool of proud Acura owners.  I think they could have come up with a creative way to solicited user-generated content. Personally, I may be inclined to share one of their creative memes but I definitely wouldn’t feel compelled to share their “player cards.”

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One Response to Acura’s Social Strategy: March Memeness

  1. sydhavely says:

    Timely post; concisely written; and nice wrap-up with “my two cents.” Well done, Erinn.

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