Can Sharing Pictures of Your Baby be Harmful?


One of the new problems young children will have to face as they get older is due to a phenomenon known as over-sharenting. This is when parents obsessively share pictures and videos of their child online. According to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, more than half of mothers and a third of fathers in America are now on at least one social media platform. That is a statistic that comes with many, many baby pictures.

Sharing pictures and videos of your children is not a malicious act. There are many positives to seeing a 2-year-old girl sing and dance to Taylor Swift. Another positive of so many parents being on social media is the advice that is given. The Mott study concluded that 70% of parents use social media to get advice from other more experienced parents and 62 % said it helped them worry less. The study, which polled Americans with children aged 0-4, showed that most frequent topics which are spoken about include getting kids to sleep, nutrition, discipline, daycare/preschool, and behavior problems.

How could this be a bad thing?

Researchers who conducted this study are worried about the newest generation’s privacy. When these current toddlers are entering adulthood, they will have their entire lives documented, tagged, and commented on on the internet – which is there to stay. It’s the parents’ responsibility to protect their child’s privacy. Willingly or unwillingly, at this rate, the future generations will have an online persona long before they are old enough to tweet, Facebook, or Instagram.

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One Response to Can Sharing Pictures of Your Baby be Harmful?

  1. sydhavely says:

    God, this is so true. I do a spinning class in the winter to stay in shape for outdoor racing and most of the spin class is made up of “spin moms” and you can guess what the chatter before class is about. Yup, their kids. Great post, Jake.

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