Bubble Burst For Temple


On Sunday, the bracket for NCAA Men’s College Basketball’s March Madness was released. As a Temple alum and fan, the day crawled along as Temple’s fate as a “bubble team” would be decided by a committee that decided who was in and who was out. Unfortunately, the Owls were left out of this year’s action to the surprise of many, especially with who was selected to participate.

For non-sports fans, I will try to keep this simple. The teams that are selected for the tournament are picked based on their overall results during the season. While Temple did not have the most stellar season compared to past years, they seemed to more than fit in with the group that were selected for postseason play.

My main point of this post is not to lobby for Temple’s case, but to examine the social media shockwave that took place after it. Temple was trending within an hour of the bracket being released, as well as UCLA, who many thought should not have been selected. The reactions varied, with some using comedic relief and others being plain old angry.

Some felt as though the UCLA brand name would allow for better viewership during the tournament.

If you went to Temple, you know that TU Alerts are far from infrequent.

Probably meant to be funny, but, is it?

In my opinion, you are a bubble team because you put yourself there. Your body of work did not speak for itself, and you left your fate in the committee’s hands. It’s unfortunate that Temple did not get in and I am by no means happy about it, but hopefully it leads to a higher level of motivation this offseason.

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One Response to Bubble Burst For Temple

  1. sydhavely says:

    Interesting post, Jon. There’s a lot of talk about the NCAA, its priorities, and how it decides what, like punishing the Syracuse basketball coach. This has interesting potential and I’d like to see you drill down behind what the NCAA does without compromising your or Penn’s position.

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