March Madness Clairvoyance

March Madness

Since it’s that special time of year, it’s time to take a quick peek at last years’ March Madness tournament before we head into another month of March Bracket Upsets. You may be trying to forget that last year your bracket was destroyed well before the Sweet 16 (Thanks Harvard). At least you can count on Duke to choke, and adjust your bracket accordingly. What is most interesting about the 2014 tournament is it seems Social Media correctly picked 74% of the match-ups in the tournament. How can this be?

March maddness 2

What is the correlation between those on Social Media and those who took the time to fill out the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket? Seeing as, if Social Media was pretty spot on with their predictions, why was this not reflected in the millions of brackets filled out by avid NCAA fans?

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One Response to March Madness Clairvoyance

  1. sydhavely says:

    Clever, well-written and timely post, Samantha. Well done.

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