Social Mediaholics

Flickr: Jean Fracois-Gornet

Flickr: Jean Fracois-Gornet

Last week there was some talk in class about being so obsessed with taking video of something that we actually missed the whole event. Sadly, it seems that the digital age is all too often infringing on lives most treasured experiences. I mean sure, maybe you’ll have it memorialized in some way – if you can figure out which phone, computer or app it’s in twenty years from now when you feel like reflecting on that special time.

According to this incredibly insightful article, about 58% of people surveyed said “posting the perfect picture has prevented them from enjoying life experiences.” Sound familiar? Trying to get that perfect concert photo, or just the right sunset pic sometimes interferes with enjoying the experience itself.

Along with missing out on life’s precious moments, the article also points out that many of us act rudely when posting, have endangered our physical being to get just the right selfie, and have even undermined their children’s or significant other’s privacy. Social media along with other digital toys has no doubt taken us into a new age. Ironically, it may be the age of being anti-social.  

Perhaps as a society we just need to accept that this is the way we communicate and express our feelings now or perhaps, we should all fast forward to the end of this article where some good advice can be found for curing the social media addiction. 

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One Response to Social Mediaholics

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Steve. I think the little girl’s expression says it all. She’s deathly afraid. Not a surprise. Her dad (it appears it’s her dad), is bicycling in traffic with her on the handle bars and front basket (like a bag of groceries), while looking at his cell phone trying to take a picture. Not just dangerous, but stupid. Couldn’t he instead be whispering in her ear about how much fun they’re having? A real daddy/daughter moment wasted instead of “Scary Movie 2.” You nailed it.

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