Why do cats rule the internet? Mysteries of the Internet, revealed


The internet is a vast array of content, ripe for the taking. You can find anything, from the internet archives to any topic of interest on Wikipedia to the latest research to impact the world (completed by Google). But why is there so much cat-related media? Perhaps Nyan cat can answer that question for you:

The truth is, cat media succeeds because the audience demands it, and it’s engaging. You know that if you see a photo/gif/video of a cute cat, you will most likely click it (don’t lie) – and so will thousands of others. In fact, internet users share twice as many cat pictures than selfies.

Which leads me to believe – perhaps Peter Steiner had it right:


…That might explain why websites like iknowwhereyourcatlives.com, right? And yes, that is a real website built by a Florida State University Professor (or possibly a dog), as covered in this NY Times article.

It also is a common occurrence to see dogs sitting at computers. Toshiba even developed the PetBook K9 (under the guise of April Fools) specifically targeted at our furry friends. Dogs even exhibit some basic human abilities and responses, like repeating human yawns, understand human language, use touchscreens, and even count!


The evidence is irrefutable; I have decided that from this point forward, I will work under the assumption that if an account posts anything cat-related, the account is in fact managed… by a dog.

Tells you a lot about me doesn’t it?


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One Response to Why do cats rule the internet? Mysteries of the Internet, revealed

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Ted. And the iconic quote, “nobody knows you’re a dog on the Internet” can now, with smart algorithms, morph into “nobody knows a human being didn’t write that.”

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