Who Are You Posting For?


Have you ever wondered why we feel like it is necessary to document “important” moments in our lives so frequently? You went to a concert, so you need that live clip of your favorite singer singing your favorite song. As if by not recording this moment, with hundreds of fans practically ruining the song by screeching it in the background, you will never remember the words…Ever. Again. So you wave your phone around trying to get the perfect zoom and view, all the while you are actually missing the show entirely? The memory is lost, or at least a little fuzzy to you, but you have the video to post to Facebook to let others know you still go out and have a good time, so it’s okay.

Author Damon Brown elaborates in his book, Our Virtual Shadow, what he thinks the main reasons are that we have become so focused on documenting our everyday lives. “Our virtual shadows are stronger than ever, while our present lives are slowly being killed by a thousand virtual paper cuts. We’re now on the ultimate fool’s errand: sacrificing everything to capture our lives, even if that requires not being fully present in those lives as we are living them.” Basically, to summarize, we want our lives to be meaningful, but we are taking the meaning out of meaningful moments.

Businesses are fully aware that people are now, more than ever, promoting themselves and what their daily activities are and using it to their advantage. The 30 most Brilliant Social Media Campaigns of 2014 relies on their consumers doing just that. Many of these social media campaigns consist of contests of consumers sharing their lives and somehow being rewarded for it. For instance, your Starbucks latte, in 2014 Starbucks took advantage of their consumers constantly taking photos with their coffees (who doesn’t want to know you weren’t given soy milk in your non-fat latte?) and created the Red Cup Contest. Which made all those who participated a free marketing spokesperson to their own geographical area.

Business wise things are looking up right? But what about the everyday average- Joe? Are we ruining our lives by trying to document it and share it with others?

Lastly, because comedians say it better:Watch from 2:10-3:55 feel free to watch the whole thing if vulgar is your style.

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One Response to Who Are You Posting For?

  1. sydhavely says:

    I love your post, Samantha. First, full disclosure, I love Louis CK. But regardless, he’s so right. People are life logging their lives and failing to live them, not to mention the time they have with their children while they;re still children. So true, so funny, and so sad. Thank you for posting this.

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