Tworlds Away

Do you ever wonder if someone else, somewhere else is doing or feeling the same at that very moment?

An app called, “Tworlds” helps you find out by comparing your everyday life anonymously with a random stranger. Two Worlds, One Moment.

I first heard about this app on the radio during my daily commute to work this morning. It sounded extremely interesting and one that obviously had 96.5 buzzing about it, so I decided to look into it further to see what it was all about.

I did not experiment myself with this app, but the steps involved seemed effortless:
1. Choose your theme
2. Click! (That’s right. No Filter!)
3. Compare
4. Check out the geographical distance
5. Check your Tworlds in the library

You’re probably still asking yourself, how does this app work and what’s the significance?

According to the designers, this app was created to discover the unknown through unprejudiced little moments of connections.

“With Tworlds, you take a photo which is immediately coupled with a corresponding similar moment at a random spot somewhere else on this globe. These two images are anonymously placed together and only contain the two place names. Then, the newly combined imaged, we bombed this the tworld, can be viewed, saved and shared via email or social media”

Unlike Instagram or other self-marketing filters, Tworlds prides itself on keeping the connection completely honest by prohibiting users to use a photo from their library or apply edits of any kind. This provides for only real and unpolished moments from our daily lives. The creators of this app referenced the term “voyeurs” which I was unfamiliar with prior to reading this article. They stated that almost half of the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users are so-called “Voyeurs” – they spend more time looking at profiles of others than updating their own. On a personal level, I couldn’t agree with this statement more. I have a feeling that a majority of us might also behave in a similar manner — comparing our own life to those of others. Tworlds ignores the narcissism of just posting about yourself or what today’s generation defines as the ever so popular “selfie” and instead creates an environment where a user can compare their life with another and feel truly vulnerable. Images do not just get created and shared, but assessed and compared to your own life. There will be multiple reasons to use Tworlds depending upon the user, but for whatever reason you may choose, one thing that will remain constant and is the experience between you and a complete stranger somewhere else in the world. Because of this, I find this app to be intriguing and would be highly inclined to download this app out of pure curiosity of learning what it might have to offer.

“Tworlds wants to breakthrough the sociographic bubble of our curated (online) environment. The anti-social aspect, the anonymity and comparison, lowers the threshold having to “like” or “follow” and challenges us to gift each others’ pictures of our every day lives – unpolished glimpses into someone’s reality. Because the image is placed next to your own, you will compare automatically, you will look more consciously, you are slowed down and forced to contemplation and reflection. You will even look at your own picture from a new perspective…. You are encouraged to look beyond the differences and similarities and ponder why these are differences and similarities.”

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One Response to Tworlds Away

  1. sydhavely says:

    Sounds like they got the buzz factor right. Don;t know if I’d try it yet, but it seems mildly intriguing and one worth considering. Interesting post, Lindsay.

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