Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.55.02 PMLast weekend, celebrating the 2 year anniversary of “Lean In” and the International Women’s Day, Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn.Org launched the #LeanInTogether campaign on social media. The campaign sends the message that everyone benefits when men work towards equality. It invites men to tell their story of leaning in for equality, and women to share the story of the men who lean in with them.

Leveraging star power, the campaign also collaborated with the NBA and WNBA to encourage men to help women fighting gender inequality. Showing the world that great players can also be great husbands and great fathers, #LeanInTogether aimed to “take the conversation about men to where men are”. In addition to star athletes, female leaders such as Hilary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice also leaned in to share the stories of the supportive men in their lives. Many more celebrities joined the initiative and posted images and works to back the campaign.

Doing social media campaign for a nonprofit or a social cause is not easy, but I think #LeanInTogether is quite a successful one. It built on LeanIn.org’s mission and past initiatives quite naturally, and brought in strong voices from a traditionally male-dominant world. In terms of audience engagement, the #LeanInTogether message is simple and straightforward but really taps into people’s emotions and allows room for different interpretations from both men and women’s perspectives. Below are some of the heartwarming posts from both ordinary people and celebrities.

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One Response to #LeanInTogether

  1. sydhavely says:

    This may be a tipping point phenomenon in the making. Nice post and great catch in terms of what’s trending.

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