Why “the dress” broke the internet

Untitled-12By now we’ve all seen it.  That black and blue (if you though otherwise…well, bless your heart) dress.  And I think we all can agree that the dress isn’t anything we would see on the runways of New York or Paris Fashion Week.  The photo of dress didn’t even include a real person!  So why did this dress become such an instant hit?

Well, according to Neetzan Zimmerman, a former Gawker contributor, The Dress is “dumb (check), divisive (I realized so many of my friends are color blind), visual (check) and eminently sharable (everybody was talking about it).”  After it was initially posted on Tumblr late Thursday night, it was immediately picked up by Buzzfeed.  By 9 pm on Thursday night over 10 million people alone had viewed the post!  As of this evening, 3.4 million took the quiz with 68% getting it so wrong.

Zimmerman speculates that The Dress has already passed its viral half life.  He’s probably right.  But, I’m pretty sure just like this other dress (15 years ago…can you believe it!?), it is one we won’t soon forget.

j lo dress

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