Taking Social Media to the Next Level

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One of the main points that Bruce has emphasized has been the reality of the day and age, where to be competitive, you really have to have a presence on several different platforms. You have to be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors – all of whom are on the same social media platforms that you are. Social media has now consumed our entire lives. At this point, it’s given that  a company across any industry would have at least a Facebook page, if not Twitter as well.  Now that everybody is on Twitter, how are the best separating themselves? What are they doing to push themselves further ahead?

One company that has pushed their social media game into fifth gear recently is Taco Bell – one of the best corporate Twitter accounts in the world. They’ve mastered the art by embracing it as a conversation when most companies see it as just another way to broadcast mass messages. Taco Bell understands who they are and that the majority of their target market are young adults in their 20s and 30s, a very large portion of which are on Twitter. Taco Bell has won over the millennial generation in a landslide TKO.

A major factor in their social media effectiveness and a differentiator for them right now is their ability to join the conversation. They reply to almost every tweet whether they’re mentioned or not and constantly have witty interactions with consumers who really do hang out on Twitter all day.

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They know who they are trying to reach and they know how to effectively reach them. Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.50.04 AMBesides letting the public know about new releases, promotions, and discounts (whichthey do through Twitter as well) there is nothing a television commercial can teach a young adult anything new about the brand and/or the product that Taco Bell has to offer. They have reached their market by speaking with them and responding to messages about the brand that were initiated by the consumer.

Another very effective facet of their approach is there humor and clever wit. I regularly laugh while scrolling down their timeline. The best tweets I noticed were interactions with other corporate accounts. These routinely generated more engagement than replies to consumer tweets (which aren’t viewable on the timeline to the public unless specified). Seeing corporations interact with each other adds a human element to the emotions you feel for them.

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Interactions which are funny enough to entertain and sassy enough to make you see the brand with a human component. 

Now that most companies are on Twitter, the companies who are differentiating themselves and separating from the pack, like Taco Bell, are doing so by interacting with each other in a human way as opposed to a robot screaming that there will be a 10% off sale very loudly. Personalizing messages, replying to tweets in which your @ wasn’t even tagged, and making jokes with competitors is the next level of engagement. Corporations need to look closely at how Taco Bell won over the Millennial generation through extremely effective branding, knowing how to get into their lives and above all, great self awareness.

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2 Responses to Taking Social Media to the Next Level

  1. sydhavely says:

    Well done, Jake. Nice post. Showed lots of research. Makes the point well.

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