Social Media: A Conduit for Communication

“Understand that social is just a conduit for communications. Behaviors on social platforms creates the data we will mine to find prospective customers in the future”

Conduit is defined as a “channel for conveying” or “someone or something that is used as a way of sending something (such as information or money) from one place or person to another.”

Social Media serves as our channel for sharing information. Social media is aiding as a platform in supporting behavior change.

Jay today recently shared a podcast

“The future of social media isn’t going to be reaching your audience on social platforms, it’s using those social platforms to reach your audience everywhere else.”

Social media allows us to use these breadcrumbs of behavior as the most sophisticated ad targeting. It helps us learn our audience in the most effective, efficient way!

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One Response to Social Media: A Conduit for Communication

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post and a great “to do” checklist. Checklists are sorely ignored by companies and organizations at their peril. Nice post.

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