What’s Thursday have to do with it?


Every Friday we gather around our office conference room table for lunch to talk about what happended this week and what’s up for the weekend.  Two social media sensations dominated this week’s conversation — #llamadrama and #thedress.  While each viral social media sensation had its own particular dynamics, I was curious about what drove these two events to be such social media superstars.  In particular, I was curious if it was the content (e.g. animals and fashion) or whether the day and time of the week was what drove such unbelievable interest.

First, in case you aren’t familiar with what happened.  On Thursday, two llamas escaped out of the back of a truck on the way to visit an assisted living facility for animal therapy in Sun City, AZ.  It made for great television and great social media posting and the hastag #llamadrama immediately hit the top of trending charts.  The second pheonmenon also occurred last Thursday and was the resutl of an innocent post by a bride asking about a mother of the bride’s dress color.  But, despite the actual color of the dress, many people were seeing different colors and the conflict quickly topped the trending list.  At its height llamadrama was driving 3,084 tweets per minute while the dress drew 17,000 tweets per minute.  In the end the dress tounced the llamas with “>7.6M tweets to 570,00.

While in my work, I know that animals and fashion often drive media and thereby consumer interest, I didn’t think that was all that was happening with these two stories. So I took a closer look at studies on what day and when is the best time to post social media content.  Here’s what I found:


Monday to Thursday and specifically from 1-3pm is clearly the best day for posting to Twitter which may explain why both #llamadrama and #thedress became such viral sensations.  I also think that great content drives engagement.  These posts had some key content drivers — fun, fashion, animals and conflict.  One other thought, by the end of the work week, people are in the mood to be entertained and are ready for some fun.  Both these events capitalized on that desire.  So, in the future I’ll be thinking about what day, what time and what content will drive the most engagement.

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2 Responses to What’s Thursday have to do with it?

  1. sydhavely says:

    I think you’ve hit on a theme not just for Thursday but almost everyday, although the see-saw may tip stronger to conflict earlier in the week and more toward fun at the end, but clearly, these two posts got the lion’s share (no pun) of the social media world last week. As for the others, you’re on to something: fun, fashion, animals and conflict. Great post, Jay.

  2. Colleen Heavens says:

    Awesome info graphic! A great point of reference for scheduling posts… Thanks!

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