Twitter Toolbox: TwitShot & Native Video

Image: Flickr, Leo Reynolds

Image credit: Flickr, Leo Reynolds.

During any social media meeting, lecture, or discussion, there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on: visual, visual, visual.

Twitter reported that the inclusion of photos average a 35% boost in Retweets, and a 28% boost for videos.  Last week’s Mashable article “How to automatically extract an image when you paste a link on Twitter” cited an estimate that images in tweets can boost engagement by up to 150%. The statistics are picture perfect… So how can we make photo and video sharing even easier?

The above Mashable article introduces readers to TwitShot, which extracts images from links and attaches them to your tweets. I gave it a try, and it was super easy. I linked my Twitter account with a few quick clicks, typed my tweet in the text box, and images from the link’s content loaded below the text. I chose an image, unclicked the “via” radio button (thanks for giving us the option to remove, TwitShot!), and voilà. Photo tweeted. There’s no saving and uploading of photo files, and the attribution is covered via the linked image.

TwitShot also provides photo dimensions for optimal display. Image credit: TwitShot.

TwitShot also provides photo dimensions for optimal display. Image credit: TwitShot.

Chrome users can get the TwitShot extension that adds a button to your browser to tweet from the page you’re on.  (Think Pinterest.)  And TwitShot is also offering a free iOS app.

In addition to this free third-party tool, Twitter is finally offering native video sharing. This came up briefly during one of our recent classes, and was news to me.  Mashable wrote about its debut at the end of last month in “Twitter introduces group direct messages and native video sharing.

Image credit: Twitter.

Image credit: Twitter.

When I gave it a try, I was excited to see the maximum length of video was 30 seconds.  (As opposed to Vine’s 6-second and lnstagram’s 15-second limits.)  The Twitter feature also allows you to select previously recorded video from your library, in addition to its live recording option. Overall, it seems to be an easy, user-friendly experience.

I look forward to using these new tools as I tweet, think about content, and try to attract the eyes of my followers!

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  1. sydhavely says:

    Absolutely great post on Twitter tools. Well done, Colleen.

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