The Dress & Chinese Character that ‘Broke the Internet”

This week, spreading like wildfire across our social media pages were arguments about the colors of this dress:
Which, in case any of you were wondering, I am going to solve the debate right here right now. Those of you who thought you saw white & gold and those of you who thought you saw blue & black are both wrong. The dress is blue and brown. How do you not see that? Anywho, this dress has brought in comments from celebrities and most likely disputes across a dinner table (or two). You think I’m kidding, but my brother and his fiancé are still recovering from their heated dispute about this unsightly looking dress.
tweets on dress
What could be more interesting than a dress no one can decipher the color of? Well how about a word/character no one knows the meaning of?
“Duang” is being considered the Word That Broke the Chinese Internet. It has appeared over 8.4 million times on Weibo and over 100,000 mentions on Twitter. Where does “Duang” come from? Jackie Chan and his shampoo commercial. Chan, at the end of his commercial claims the product is “It’s just … it’s just … duang!”. There a few questions here: What does this mean for the marketing of Chan’s shampoo that he is endorsing? How is it that a dress had more social media attention than the formation of a new word?
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One Response to The Dress & Chinese Character that ‘Broke the Internet”

  1. sydhavely says:

    Samantha, there is a social media career in your future. This is a funny and very spot on blog post, not to mention clever. When I was reading it, I thought Sabrina wrote it. But you did. Wow!

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