Social Media for All Generations

My husband received an advertisement in the mail yesterday and I thought it made great use of social media, but also remembered it’s target audience.  The ad was for hearing aids and was by Ear Tech.  See the website below.  They sell hearing tests, hearing aids and hearing accessories.

Ear Tech ensured that they covered all possible avenues of connection and communication in their ad by sending it through the mail. They also played a folksy, dumbed down “we are learning social media too, so we are just like you” advertisement to not offend their main audience with the following opening statement in their advertiesement:

As a forward thinking technology company we hate to admit this but we are kind of new to all this new fangled social-media technology, but we wanted to give you every opportunity to connect with us.

While they invite their clients to their website, facebook, twitter, linkedin and their blog, they also invite them to call, email or send snail mail if they are so inclined.  I thought this was absolute genius as most marketers today concentrate only on social media.  The majority of the target audience for hearing aids is older individuals, many of them are not on social media.

This company made certain to engage their audience, make them aware they were on social media if they were so inclined to contact them that way and made them feel comfortable if they were not on social media.  It is refreshing to see a company not lose site of the customer in the rush to utilize social media.

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