Beyond The Oreo

super oreo
At last year’s Super Bowl when the lights went out, Nabisco siezed the moment with the now famous “dunking in the dark” tweet.  Since that time, other brands have tried to duplicate that feat and Matt showed us some really good examples of that last week with his excellent post Timing Is Everything .  But to take it to the next level, companies need to practice “real-time marketing”.

As clever and relevant as the Oreo ads and others reacting to current events have managed to be, they have still not addressed the fundamental need in marketing to go beyond static, and broad segmentation-based content. Marketers need to look to an approach that not only relates to current events quickly, but places emphasis on the individual consumer, and takes into account coordinating a consistent experience across multiple channels.

In addition to being clever and timely, truly effective social media marketing needs to be personal. Imagine if Oreo had sent individual text messages with personalized messages to fans in that same timely manner. And imagine if these messages directed those fans to maybe a specific facebook page that contained specialized offers suited to an individual’s specific tastes.

This could be the next level of sophistication that drives more marketing effectiveness and ties more directly to revenue for the business.

Lastly, marketing needs to achieve scale through cross channel optimization by providing content to consumers wherever they go ensuring that information is reconciled and avoids channel conflict.

As customers engage with brands in different channels, provide commentary, share and exchange information, this context should be absorbed and used to immediately enhance the customer experience at every touch point.

Key Elements of Real Time Marketing


Real time marketing raises a number of questions and concerns around privacy and as this evolves further across social media it will be interesting to see if content from competitors will become even more intrusive and even more confusing.  And, it has become obvious that companies are getting more and more adept at this type of marketing. Anyone who has ever shopped or searched for anything (and who hasn’t?) has noticed that these items appear later in your e-mail, twitter feeds or on other sites that your browse.  As analytics become more and more sophisticated it will be interesting to see if the content that is delivered to us is more useful or just more overwhelming and numbing. I guess we will just have to see how the cookie crumbles.

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