Let the Numbers Speak

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Wanna know how well did this year’s Oscars do on social? Twitter Data team created this cool interactive heat map that recorded the frequency of Oscar related tweets around the globe. For me, it’s amazing to see how people in South America and Western Europe were equally excited about the show despite the time difference. It’s also interesting to see how the intensity of the heat tends to sync across the world in general on the most important moments of the night, like Lady Gaga’s killer performance. I’m curious to see if Twitter did a close-up study on the difference of the intensity in different parts of the world. If so, then it can provide information on viewer focus and taste, which can have further implications for local companies/offices of international companies to come up with more effective real time social media campaigns.

As for brand social media campaigns, the one that really stood out for me last night was Google’s #OkGoogle that made with this tweet during Lady Gaga’s Sound of Music medley.  I think it’s smart and relevant to both the Oscar performance and #OkGoogle’s TV commercials. However, even though there were fun social advertisements like this, brands failed to generate much social media heat. The top 3 brands that had the most social mentions are Lego (47,000), Dove (29,250), and Coke (12,600), but Lady Gaga alone has reaped 577,143 mentions according to an article on Mashable. I guess the reason why brands failed to turn up the heat on Oscar night as they did on Super Bowls lies in viewer expectation. Since commercial has long been an important part of the Super Bowl experience, watching commercials on TV and on social media has almost become a tradition; while for the Oscars, what viewers expect to see is most likely the show itself – the winners, the host, the dresses, and for this year, the politics.


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1 Response to Let the Numbers Speak

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Sabrina. I agree with you except for the clever punch of JC Penney as both a network ad and social media campaign.

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