The Social Media Award Goes To: Benedict Cumberbatch

Maybe it is the incredible sounding name. Maybe it is the British charm. Maybe it is just his acting. Regardless of the reason, Benedict Cumberbatch clearly won the social media award on Oscars night. He was trending for most of the night, and him pulling out his flask is bound to make him popular among most Americans who were bored with the longevity of the programming.

The beauty of social media is that is user-driven (if you ignore the promoted posts). Although there are serious topics to be discussed at hand, such as the speeches on civil rights by Common and John Legend, or the cry for equal rights from Patricia Arquette, Cumberbatch’s overwhelming popularity on the night suggests that the average social media user is looking to the Oscars as a lighthearted source of entertainment for the evening rather than any sort of platform where they will hear real debate or discussion on serious issues. Rather than force feeding information, as traditional news sites do, social media cuts right to the chase and indicate what it feels to be most relevant: a good looking British male with a funny sounding name.

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One Response to The Social Media Award Goes To: Benedict Cumberbatch

  1. sydhavely says:

    Interesting observation and well-drawn, Abhay. I missed it in my take on the Oscars and was reacting as you said. It was long, the musical pauses ho-hum, the jokes sometimes painful, and the winners very predictable. So, our British acting star did what a lot of us wanted to do if it wasn’t so late in the East, and that was to imbibe some fortifying beverage.

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