Reviewing the 87th Annual Advocacy and Awareness Awards


Common (Left) and John Legend win for Best Original Song via

The 87th annual Academy Awards was tough to watch. In my opinion, it was slow, boring, unfunny, and started way too late. I love movies. I saw most of the nominated movies in theatres and was very impressed with all of the great performances. However, aside from some great musical performances and (to be honest) this class,  watching the entire movie industry stand in a circle and pat themselves on the back would not have been an option.

That being said, one great thing that comes with the awards are the winners’ speeches. It seemed to me that this year’s edition had less of just thanking families, friends, casts and crews. The theme for this years show was advocacy and awareness.

In addition to the gold Oscar, a major additional prize of winning an Academy Award is a minute to say whatever you want while 35 million viewers are tuned in and listening to your every word. Many winners took advantage of this opportunity and brought awareness to very serious topics that our country needs to work on.

Patricia Arquette (Best Supporting Actress – Boyhood) spoke on behalf of women’s rights and wage equality. Eddie Redmayne (Best Actor – The Theory of Everything) brought awareness to Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). After John Legend and Common won after their masterful performance of their original song “Glory” from Selma, they took the opportunity to talk about the continued battle for civil rights in America. When Alejandro Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 4.44.52 PMGonzales Inarritu won Best Picture for Birdman, he used his time to discuss immigration issues. Suicide, Alzeimer’s disease, soldiers’ mental battles after they’ve come home, and other health issues were also spoke about in winners’ speeches.

While I didn’t necessarily care for the show, or its slow pace. Tuning into the show was well worth hearing the personal accounts about the multitude of problems that we still face as a young nation.

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One Response to Reviewing the 87th Annual Advocacy and Awareness Awards

  1. sydhavely says:

    Jake–You make a fair and balanced observation of the Oscars that you wrap in your own opinion, but still make known other, wider views. That’s the mark of a great post and a perceptive blogger.

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