Oscars ‘Prediction Box’ Comes Up Short

Last night’s Oscars ceremony had its ups and downs, but the ‘Prediction Box’ was by far the worst performance of the night. What started out as a loose joke about Neil Patrick Harris’ predictions for the outcome of the awards ended up being a humorless display that only caused outrage on Twitter.

NPH Prediction Box

A summary of the key events:

  • Early in the evening (around 8:45 PM) after the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ award, NPH first announced that he had gone to PricewaterhouseCoopers to have them keep his predictions under lock and key. The locked briefcase is prominently displayed on stage in a secured glass box.
  • NPH assigns Octavia Spencer watch duty, who seems thoroughly confused by the whole bit – but agrees to not leave for snacks or bathroom breaks.

NPH Locked Box

  • NPH periodically checks in with Octivia on the status of the box, breaking the flow of the ceremony with very awkward moments.

Just checking in...

  • Just before Common and John Legend present ‘Glory’ (11 PM), NPH checks in one more time – but wait! Octavia is not in her seat! …because she’s the one introducing the pair’s performance…
  • After Eddie Redmayne and Julianne Moore take Oscars for Best Actor and Best Actress, NPH heads over to the box to open up his predictions. (12 AM, 30 minutes AFTER the Oscars should have ended).

Opening the box

  • NPH recaps some of the highlights of the show, drawing a laugh from the audience, before ‘Birdman’ gets best picture.

Reading the predictions

The Prediction Box bit generated outrage on Twitter, reviving #FreeOctavia to stop the madness! After the Oscars ended, the Prediction Box was consistently voted the worst part of the show.

NPH, we love you, and you really killed it last night, but please… no more predictions! or boxes!

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One Response to Oscars ‘Prediction Box’ Comes Up Short

  1. sydhavely says:

    You nailed it, Ted. Great post.

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