No time to spare? Social Media is our new best friend.

For those of us who find ourselves with little time to spare and would prefer not to spend our free time watching hours of award shows (or professional sports… or whatever tickles your fancy, but you have no time to watch) an answer has been found! Social Media is our new best friend!

Most recently, the Oscars 3+ hours of televised movie awards has been defined into 14 UPWORTHY moments. Really, these moments are all that truly mattered. They are some of the biggest, most memorable (positive and frowned upon) and talked about moments from the 2015 Oscars.

A huge draw for the growth of social media is that it provides quick, efficient, and effective information that is more times than not very EASY to digest. Today people are pulled several directions whether it be professionally or personally, there are just not enough hours in the day! Most humans enjoy some type of entertainment whether it be movies, TV, sports, theater etc… but many times these interests get put on the low priority list because more important things come into play – like school, work, family etc.

Social media makes things a bit easier. We look for easy, easy is good. As mentioned, it provides the information we are yearning for – but simplifies it. For example, you could have spent 3+ hours sitting in front of your TV watching the 2015 Oscars, or you could of followed the Oscar Twitter feed as you multitask-ed washing dishes or doing laundry. Another option is just to wait until the next day and some pretty fun articles such as “You’re welcome. Here are the 14 noteworthy moments from last night’s oscars.” came out. For those of us who did not watch, you are able to get the the shows most mentioned moments right here, in 14 short bullets that takes about a total of not even two minutes to digest.

This Upworthy article gives you a great layout of what happened at the Oscars – funny, emotional, and heartwarming moments. The information that most of us are really interested in. Through social media, you still receive the relevant information and don’t have to worry about missing out or not being informed. You will still be able to talk with your friends or colleagues about those monumental moments at this year’s big event! Social Media, I thank you for 3 additional hours of sleep in which I would of missed out on shall I had stayed up to watch the Oscars.

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One Response to No time to spare? Social Media is our new best friend.

  1. sydhavely says:

    I so, so agree with you, Liz. I watched the Oscars because it’s part of social media and it was assigned by us for the class, but I would have never sat through 3+ hours if I didn’t have to. Still, I felt a water-cooler buzz when I read accounts the next day or the class posts because i can say “Spot on” or “wow, where was I when Lady Gaga was said to have nailed it? I thought Julie Andrews could sing “The Hills are Alive” at least as well now or even if she had a sore throat.” But give Lady Gaga her due because Tony Bennett wouldn’t be singing with her if she couldn’t sing. But why all the stale or lame jokes?….But I digress. Great post, Liz.

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