J.C. Penney Debuts Second-Screen Engagement During the Oscars

User-generated content, real-time engagement, a charity component, gamification – all of these pieces can contribute to a successful social media campaign, and all were present in J.C. Penney’s strategy during the Oscars.

The timing couldn’t be any better for the retailer – for 14 consecutive years, J.C. Penney leverages the biggest night in fashion to kick-off its spring campaign, and for the first time ever, they added a second-screen. In addition to seven commercials during the broadcast, they had several digital components including the JCPLookbook.com Tumblr site, which invited customers to share a photo of their personal style, using the hashtags #JCPLookbook and #JCPStyle, for a chance to be included in the Lookbook.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.13.28 AM

J.C. Penney solicited customers to share photos of their personal style using #JCPLookBook #JCPStyle for a chance to be featured and sketched by a fashion illustrator in The LookBook.

I loved how they paired the photos with a sketch of the contributor, wearing a suggested outfit, and included the contributor’s handle, along with a “Shop the Look” link, which took you to their website to purchase the suggested outfit.

They also invited customers to compete and give back during the Oscars through it’s “Oscars Play to Give” game. By signing up at jcpwatchparty.com, customers received a game card which featured a grid with 25 squares, representing potential moments during the show that players could click when the corresponding moments occurred. The goal was to tap the squares to form a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line and earn points, which would generate a donation from JCPenney to one of its 3 charity partners. Players could play individually or as part of a group on Facebook or Twitter, and could track the competition throughout the night on a group leaderboard. They solicited registrants for the game, by incentivizing players who signed up prior to February 22, with a $10 off $25 coupon.

This push set the stage for their spring advertising campaign, which will feature mailers with fashion tips, magazine ads, as well as social, mobile and digital components.

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One Response to J.C. Penney Debuts Second-Screen Engagement During the Oscars

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Erinn, combing perceptive analysis of JC Penney’s ads and their use of social media to reinforce the “new Penney.” I thought their ads and campaign clicked perfectly with the look at style of the Oscars and fit well what they wanted to convey as their new brand with the look of the actors on stage and in the audience. Kudos for Penneys. Well-done, Erinn.

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