Dove’s Oscars Attempt to Reverse Negative Tweets #SpeakBeautiful

According to a recent blog post found on Mashable by Samantha Murphy Kelly titled, “Dove’s Twitter Oscars Program Attempts to Reverse Damage of Negative Tweets”, and as mentioned in some of my previous posts, comments on social media do not always provide encouragement, support or positive messages. Sometimes, social media can be used by some as an outlet to complain, belittle and/or foster negativity. This negativity can often surface during during award shows, most recently during the Oscars which were live this past Sunday, 2/22, via discussions about how celebrities looked while walking the red carpet. Not only are these negative comments directed at other women, but women are 50% more likely to say something negative about themselves than positive on Twitter, according to new research from Twitter.

Due to statistics like these, Twitter teamed up with Dove to create a social media campaign called #SpeakBeautiful to help boost self esteem. A highly inspiring video was created that aired Sunday Night during the Oscars.

Unfortunately, I missed it during the actual show but the impact was just as powerful watching it the next day. It was astonishing to hear that this ad was based on a recent Twitter study which revealed, “Four ouf of every five negative tweets posted on the site about beauty and body image are women putting themselves down”. The main goal of this campaign is to take charge and be proactive in helping to turn negativity into positivity. In order to do so, companies wanted to see what would happen if one Twitter account intercepted a negative tweet and rerouted the message into a positive one.

“We used a random Twitter account and @-replied to a user who said she was feeling ugly,” a Twitter spokesperson told Mashable. “We said she looked beautiful and looped in some of her followers, too. They responded and said she looked beautiful too. It was really neat to see the huge domino effect and how something negative was able to turn into something really positive”.

Through this blog, I was better able to understand the advantages provided by Twitter, in particular how powerful the tools can be and how quickly they can reach large numbers of people. Although the initative kicked off on Oscar night, Dove will continue to reroute negative Tweets throughout the year in hopes of decreasing the ratio.

“Twitter is a powerful plattform for building momentum around social issues, and we think it’s a good way to leverage the unique parts of the site to support things that matter,” the spokesperson said. “We want to help shift the conversation toward positivity.”

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One Response to Dove’s Oscars Attempt to Reverse Negative Tweets #SpeakBeautiful

  1. sydhavely says:

    The important points you make about self-perception and self-worth on social media are even more important for adolescents and particularly adolescent women. MIT psychologist Sherry Turkle writes about these issues in depth, including “Life on the Screen” and “Alone Together.” Great post, Lindsay. Very perceptive.

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