The not-so-insta side of Instagram

Managing multiple Instagram accounts is a question that came up in our last class, and is something I’ve been wondering about as I juggle professional and personal social media accounts. Is logging in and out of Instagram the only way to switch back and forth between accounts?  The answer: Kind of. Isn’t there an easier platform to integrate my multiple Instagram profiles? The answer: Ah, sort of.

In “Headaches from Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts? Here’s How to Ease Them,” Digital Trends describes some useful tools. (Well, given the ever-changing status of digital media, the text article mentions apps that have since changed names, but the associated video [above] is more current.)

For iOS users, they recommend Fotogramme and Primary. Both apps are free, so I downloaded them for a test run.  Fotogramme came out on top, as it allows me to switch back and forth between accounts, view my different feeds, and like/comment/etc.  With a few ads, but all for free. It also has some cool features like choosing my feed layout and turning off auto playing videos. For Primary, it looked to have a similar user experience, but with a more familiar Instagram-like design.  But when I went to add a second account, it said I’d have to pay $1.99 for access to the full app functionality.  I opted to stop there, but I imagine it’s worth a couple bucks for this clean, ad-free app for those in need of a multi-account interface.  However, in all of these iOS apps, there’s one very key feature missing.

A screenshot of Primary for Instagram when I attempted to post content.

A screenshot of Primary for Instagram when I attempted to post content.

You can’t post photos on Instagram via any other iPhone app. So in the mobile iOS world, this means no uploading to Instagram via anything but Instagram. Which means the log on, log off, log back on routine continues.

Android users may have more luck with Padgram, as Digital Trends reports: “Unlike other apps, Padgram allows you to post Instagram content within its own platform, as long as the Instagram app is also installed on the same device.” I don’t have an Android device to give it a try myself, but I’d be interested to hear from those who do.

There are also some web-based options for managing accounts, like gramfeed and Iconosquare.  Iconosquare, formerly Statigram, has some neat features for looking at Instagram statistics… Although I only found it useful while accessing it on the web, as the app was difficult to use and required in-app purchases to see data. ScheduGram also came up a lot in my searches, and it seems like a great tool.  It allows you to manage multiple accounts, log in with multiple users, upload content via its website, and post now or schedule a post for later.  Its catch lies in the cost. ScheduGram charges a monthly fee based on how many followers you have… Starting at $20 per month, per account, for accounts with <10,000 followers. That’s for each account, and the price goes up based on which bracket of “number of followers” you fall into.

It seems the demand for these tools is there, but their accessibility is still a work in progress.

Does anyone have experience with any of these Instagram management tools?  Are there others you’ve used and found helpful? I’ll definitely be keeping my ear to the ground (and the blogs) for recommendations.

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One Response to The not-so-insta side of Instagram

  1. sydhavely says:

    Terrific post, Colleen. Shows a lot of work on an important social media platform.

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