Hey Girl, You Posting Up Here All Alone?

What if I told you that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences had only one person controlling all of their social media platforms during the Grammy Awards? You’d probably figure I was lying because there is no way that job could be handled by only one person. Well, I’m not a liar and this article proves it.

Her name is Lindsay Gabler and she not only controls the social media feeds during the Grammy Awards show, but also the 364 days between shows. Social media strategies begin once the nominees are announced in August or September. That’s when the heavy lifting begins and plans begin to get developed for how the next five or six months will unfold.

Well, I am a team of one. I am the sole social media person at the Grammy’s. And so I have a number of roles. Not only do I focus on the overall strategy and work with all our different partners on coming up with you know how we can integrate our partnerships and sponsorships into our messaging and into our content, as well as all the day to day, what is our voice.

Although, I am sure Ms. Gabler does an amazing job tackling the Grammy Awards social media voice solo, the previous head of the organization walked away with a comfy 8.5 million dollar pay day when he left the gig. I’m not a finance guy, but my thinking is that social media is in the drivers seat when it comes to these award shows in the modern era, time to get this lady some assistance working the phones.

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One Response to Hey Girl, You Posting Up Here All Alone?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Interesting post, Matthew. Didn’t realize the extent of the social media coverage. For some reason, the server closed the connection to the video clip.

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