Brands Let the Celebrities Steal the Show on Social

I have to say, I found that following #GRAMMYS on Twitter was far more entertaining than solely watching the live broadcast. The witty comments, behind-the-scenes photos, and videos capturing dance moves even from those who weren’t on stage held my attention, especially since most artists chose to use the platform as a launch pad to premier a new song, rather than performing crowd-pleasers that I could sing to.

I noticed a few brands that kept coming up in my newsfeed, but not many, which prompted me to dig a little deeper to see how brands were leveraging the 26 million viewers tuning in. It seemed like they put a lot more creative energy into the SuperBowl, and sent their “B team” in to play at the Grammys. MasterCard and Patron were among the few that took advantage of Twitter’s suite of ad products, producing promoted tweets in real-time, based on what was happening during the show. According to AdWeek, there is no better platform for real-time marketing in conjunction with a live linear TV event than Twitter.

Despite investor concerns that Twitter was not increasing its monthly user base quickly enough, the stock rose after announcing Q4 2014 earnings last week — a 97% increase year-over-year. Over the past year, Twitter has been developing products focused on monetization, and just in the last few weeks have begun to release a slew of products that focus on growing its user base.

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