GoDaddy Stubs Toe in Spoofing Budweiser’s Puppy Ad


GoDaddy puppies

Budweiser’s Best Buds puppy ad was spoofed by GoDaddy with backlash that boomeranged back on the privately-held domain registrar firm.

One of the third rails of Super Bowl advertising is trying to be too cute by half, epitomized by GoDaddy’s spoof on the lost dog Budweiser has so cleverly accomplished with this year’s Best Buds ad, not to mention its previous Super Bowl ads connecting man and his companionship with animals with nary a dry viewer’s eye, forcing the privately held domain registrar and web hosting company to pull the ad.

Budweiser’s Best Bud’s ad features a puppy who follows his Clydesdale buddy into a horse van whose door inadvertently opens in traffic, dumping the puppy into unfamiliar territory. Finding its way home despite rain and storm only to be confronted by a menacing wolf, his horse buddies see him and come to his rescue and his owner’s huge relief.


GoDaddy’s mock ad had its puppy getting lost and finding its way home again to its owner’s enormous relief but only because she had just sold the puppy online. Not nice, said America via social media. GoDaddy then pulled the ad.

In a pre-Super Bowl ad round-up, Charlie Rose previews these and other commercials that went for $4.5 million for 30 seconds.  Rose interviews Ad Age TV reporter Jeanine Poggi’s take on the Super Bowl commercials this year:

Note to GoDaddy: Be careful what you spoof. They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for no reason. And check out Sarah McLachlin’s SPCA’s ad that basically shuts down its phone lines for the flood of contributions that pour in:

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